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The Tongariro Alpine Crossing requires that transport be arranged from one end. For this TURANGI ALPINE SHUTTLES can collect you from your accommodation at either 6.00 am or 7.30 am taking you to the preferred starting point of Mangatopopo and collecting you from Ketetahi carpark at either 3.00 pm 4.00 pm or 5.00 pm 7 days a week.


 The crossing traverses the length of Mt Tongariro (18.5kms) and can take 6 - 9 hours depending on fitness level. The track starts at the Mangatepopo Valley and finishes at the Ketetahi road carpark where we will collect you up and return you to your pick up point. It is our policy that we will not send you on the track if we think the weather is unsuitable or if you are not properly kitted out. The weather at the carpark can be totally different than that on the mountain. Be prepared to change your plans and turn back especially if the wind picks up or visibility deteriorates. It is recommended that you use local transport to the track start so you can be accounted for and that you take a cell phone.

To be properly prepared you must have:

                        Food and plenty of fluid especially in hot conditions

                        Rainproof coat & Overtrousers

                        Strong Sturdy Boots ( The ground is volcanic & Uneven )

                        Warm Polypropylene or Wool Clothing

                         Sun Protection

                         First Aid Kit

                         Map & Compass

Summer Timetable:  

             Depart Turangi                      6.00 am & 7.30 am Daily

             Depart Ketetahi Carpark for Mangatepopo (Track Start)  
                                                    6.30 am 7.30am & 8.00 am 9.00 am Daily. Cost $30 per person
                                          END OF THE DAY
             Depart Ketetahi Carpark for Mangatepopo (Track Start)
                                                    3.00pm 4.00pm & 5.30pm Daily Cost  $30 per person              Depart Ketetahi for Turangi   
                                                    3.00pm 4.00pm & 5.00pm

                  Should ticketed passengers miss the last shuttle and still require                                   transport  a  surcharge of $50 will apply                                     


Winter Timetable  By Arrangement

Cost:     $45.00 per person return :::  EFTPOS Available on ShuttleContact Us for Bookings or further information

                                                   Free Phone 0508 4 CROSS (0508 4 27677)

                                                    Email: info@alpineshuttles.co.nz 

                               CLICK HERE TO BOOK                                 http://alpineshuttles.co.nz            


New Zealand Met Service provide an up to date weather report however as conditions can change very rapidly we do not take  responsibility for any changes that may occur

Cancellation Policy                  

Privacy Statement

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