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Air Hose                                                  Air Drill

Battery Charger                                      Belt Sander                                            Block Cutter                 Bolt cutters                                            Bull Float                                                 

Carpet Cleaner                                       Chain Hoist (Endless Chain)                    Cherry Picker      Compactor DoubleDrum                          CompactorVibePlate                               Compactor Waker  Compressor                                           Concrete Breaker (Dyna)                         Concrete Breaker (Paving)Concrete Floor Saw                                Concrete Saw with Blade                         Concrete Mixer (Elec)Concrete Saw Blade                               Concrete Screed                                     Concrete Trowel     Concrete Pencile Vibe                            Crowbar                                                  Cut Off Saw                   Cut Off Saw Blade                                  

Disc Grinder 4"                                       Disc Grinder 7"                                        Disc Sander                 Discs (Grinder)                                       Discs (Sander)                                         Drop Saw                   Duster Gun                                            Dyna Breaker                                           Dyna Drill                    Dyna Drill Bits                                      

Electric Drill                                            Extension Cord

Fibrolite Cytter                                         Flood Lights

Garden Fork                                            GardenRoller                                            Garrand Fastener       Gas Heater Lg LPG                                 Gas Heater Sm LPG                                 Gas Heater Patio          Generator 2 KVA                                     Generator 5 KVA                                                          

Heater (Diesel)                                         Heat Gun (Paint Stripper)                          Headge Clippers     Hedge Trimmer (Pole)                               Hedge Trimmer (Electric)                           Hose Lay Flat 2"      Hose Lay Flat 3"                                      Hydraulic Jack

Impact Wrentch 1/2"

Kanger Digger +1 Attachment                   Kanga Extra Attachments

Ladder 4 Metre                                         Ladder Extension                                     Ladder Step 1.5 & 2.4M   Leaf Blower/Vacuum                                 Log Splitter

Mower Small                                            Mower Large                                            Multi Plug

Nail Gun                                                   Nibbler

Paint Gun Airless (Wagner)                       Paint Stripper Gun                                    Pick                       Pitch Fork                                                         POP Riveter (Air)                                    POP Riveter (Hand)  Post Hole Borer (Chainsaw)                                Post Hole Borer (Hand)                              Plasterboard Lifter                                                                         Plasterboard props (Quick Lift )                 

Ramset Disc 16mm Per 100                      Ramset Shots Per 100                              Ramset Gun          Ramset Nails 50mm per 100                      Ramset Nails 75mm Per 100                     Rotary Hoe Small   Rotary Hoe Large

Sabre Saw                                                Sack Barrow                                            Sampson              Safety Harness                                         Sander Orbital                                           Sander Paper          Sash Clamps                                            Scaffold H Frame 2.4M                              Scaffold H Frame 4M  Scaffold H Frame per Pair                           Scaffold Planks                                        Scaffold Wheels Per Set Screw Gun                                                Scrub Cutter                                             Shovel                     Skill Saw                                                   Sledge Hammer                                        Sludge Pump      Spade                                                       Spinning Jenny                                          Spray Gun & Filter   Steam Cleaner                                           Submersible Pump

Tile Cutter (Electric)                                    Tile Cutter (Hand)                                       Torque Wrench    Trailer Car Transporter                                 Trailer Car Caddy                                       Trailer Small (6X4)Trailer Furniture 13.6 Cubic Metre                 Trailer Luggage Large                                 Trailer Luggage Small Tranformer                                                  Trowels Various                                         

Wallpaper Stripper                                       Water Blaster Small                                  Waterblaster Trailered  Waterberbed Pump                                      Weed Eater                                               Welder Electric Arc   Weed Sprayer (Knapsack)                            Welder Portable                                        Welder Oxyacetylene  Welder Mig                                                  Wheelbarrow                                             Wire Strainer

                   Should the item you require not be listed above please contact us as we are adding to our

                                                         stock continuously

                                                         Phone 07 386 8226

                                                            95 Atirau Road